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Natel Entry plus

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I want to check something if possible here. I have signed the first contract in Switzerland with Swisscom -Natel entry plus. I was presented at the shop in October, that there is some promotion available for this contract and if I sign for 24 months, my first 12 months will be charged ad half of the price.

But according to the bill I have received I do not see any promo price. Can you help and advise how this can e checked.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Swiss2


This is a "customers help customers" community. I don't think that there will be any other user who has access to your contract data 😉


I would recommend you to contact Swisscom directly


But as a tipp:

AFAIK Swisscom never prints discounted pricings on their invoices. they always print the normal price and if there is a discount, it will be listed sperately.



- NATEL entry plus 1.10.2015 - 31.10.2015 CHF 44.00


- Discount NATEL entry plus half price  CHF -22.00

veni vidi vici
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Thanks a lot! I was actually trying to find it somewhere else but I was confused with web site and structure 🙂


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