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Internet slow, cutting out

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I have been fed up with the swisscom service. As I wrote this post, the internet cut out twice. Overtime, my internet has been getting slower, and slower. But recently, my internet started just cutting out. Not the wi-fi just the internet. I looked on the router control thingy, and it says that I should restart the internet box. I do, and then it works, then about 15 mins later, it cuts out. 



 I did a couple of tests on (Just because I prefer it over the swisscom one which doesnt change the results) and I get very mixed results ranging from 13.6 download (Which is awfull) and 48.76 download (In mpbs)ewewqewqwe.PNGSpeed tests of download speed. All done within 7 days or so.

What Im using:



Ethernet to benchmark


Anything you would suggest?




Novice AJB
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Same problem. As of this evening am also no longer able to even detect my own Wifi network on any of my devices any more. Have to resort to using a personal hotspot. Prior to that was continually resetting my router for past few weeks due to intermittent service/signal disruptions, as well as following all the other troubleshooting guidelines. Called Swisscom Help this evening. They proceeded to tell me to reset my router. Useful. Fed up is an understatement.
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We have also had a lot of issues with poor internet connections which frequently drop out.  We've had new cables installed, changed the sockets, changed the router and TV box and each time the problem goes away for a while but always comes back.  Recently had problems every time we switched on the desktop PC the router stopped connecting to the internet.  Eventually solved that, by disabling the PCs ability to switch off the network adapter in the power management settings.  Now every time I connect the MS Surface to the network it kills the internet connection ..... but there is now power management setting to disable on my surface, so I need to find something else ... so far no luck. 

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I think that I am just going to call swisscom. The last time I called, I had a problem with the tv and they told me to just "Unplug the hdmi cable". It was just pure cringe. It seemed like they dont have anyone experienced.