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Internet Box manual DNS ?

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How do I setup which DNS server is sent with DHCP on Internet box ?


On Centro Grande routers there was a setting for it so I could use DNS server on my local network.


But I cannot find such option in the new router.


Would be really upset if for 99 CHF extra I got a *less* usable product ;/


Thank you!


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Unfortunately it is not possible to change the DNS settings.

If you want to provide your clients with a different set of DNS you have to do it manually or setup your own DHCP.


There is a open thread at swisscom labs which suggests to implement it on the internet box.

It's german but google helps with that...


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Did you ever find a way to modify the DNS settings on this InternetBox router?  Im stumped. 

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The internetbox now offers to set the DNS servers manually.

Change to "Expert Settings", then navigate to Network > Settings.

There you can change the DNS servers.