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Internet Box Plus blocks internet connection for several hours after each restart

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My Internet Box Plus started to block internet connection after each time it is restarted and I have to wait for several hours (quite often up to 10-12 hours) before it starts to work properly.


During that time it shows "Parental control restriction. You are not allowed to browse internet" for both Ethernet and WLAN connections. Needless to say parental control is switched off for all devices in settings.

Interestingly that at the same time it allows GUEST-WLAN connections without any restrcitions.


I tryied full reset of Internet Box and even updating of firmaware - nothing helped.

Could it mean hardware failure of Internet Box?


Thank you for your support.

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Hello @SergeyBashkov, Hardware defects are rare occurrences (e.g. defective router). If you can't find an answer here in the community and do not receive a feedback from another user we recommend you to contact the support directly:

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Actually the issue is known by Swisscom technical support and it is with firmware. Currently only hard reset solves the issue.