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Intermittent internet outages after upgrading to centro grande

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Hi Everyone,

I have recently upgraded to a centro grande router and have the 10M package from Swisscom.  A few weeks ago everything was fine, but now i seem to temporarily loose internet connectivity a few times a day.  The lights on the modem go off as if it was rebooting.  I only loose the connection for about a minute, but my lacie network space 2 NAS will not reconnect unless i unplug and reconnect......this makes it a real pain when it is happening 2 or 3 times a day.  I checked the system log and see as below.  Does anyone know why this is happening.  I am using the latest firmware and apart from this intermittent bug everything is working perfectly.  It is definitely the modem that is going down for a minute or so each time.....i loose access to NAS, as well as wifi access and also access on my 2 computers connected to the router by ethernet.  Thanks in advance for any advice.  Best REgards, Jon


27.02.201216:19:45KernelCriticaleth1 Link DOWN.
27.02.201216:19:47KernelCriticaleth1 Link UP 100 mbps full duplex
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did you made any changes to the cable from the swisscom plug (telefon plug)

could you try another cable from the plug to the router?

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Sorry for delay in replying.  It fixed itself ages ago....but has just started doing it again.  My friend down the road has the same problem since getting the centro grande router but apparently swisscom fixed it remotely.  I will write a see what happens.  Thanks. Jon

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We are having the same problem.  Can you tell me how you fixed it?  It's driving us insane...




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