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Info: automatic login in the Customer Center or My Swisscom app

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To date, when you called up the Swisscom Customer Center or the My Swisscom app you were automatically logged in. This took place because the applications recognise your SIM card. If you wish to continue to use the automatic login, you must reconfirm this once:

  1. You can do so by selecting the option NATEL® login in the My Swisscom app under “Login”, ordering the SMS code there, entering this and then ticking the “Automatically via SIM” option.
  2. Or you can implement these settings directly in the Customer Center. Instructions for this can be found here:


Should you make your smartphone available as a personal hotspot to third parties, please deactivate automatic login in advance. In this way, you ensure that these individuals cannot view any of your personal data.


Further information on the Swisscom login is available here:

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Thanks for the update. Is this the final "solution" for this issue or do you intend to implement further changes to the autologin? As I can see the status is still "in progress".

Udk. cH
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Hello UdK.cH


Thank you for your interest. So far this is our final solution for the autologin.


However, we are constantly working on improving the My Swisscom App. Therefore, further adaption in future is possible.


Best regards



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Hello GiuseppeGA


Thanks for the info. I dont really consider this a solution but more a "dirty workaround". I do not really understand why anyone would solve it this way. I would think it is possible to aks the phones network state before initiating the autologin process. I guess all you do now is check if the connection has a swisscom 3g network ip to decide on the autologin.


Here is what i am talking about:


Permissions required to access network state:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" /> 

Now check following utility class NetworkUtil. It has method getConnectivityStatus which returns an int constant depending on current network connection. If wifi is enabled, this method will return TYPE_WIFI. Similarly for mobile data network is returns TYPE_MOBILE. You got the idea!!



So something along these lines (yes its not real code):


IF ("IP = swisscom 3g network ip range" and "phone state = TYPE_MOBILE)
        "No Autologin"


For now atleast all users will be informed about the risks they take.


Kind regards


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