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I am very pleased to have ITV HD available:smileyhappy:

But why doesnt the Guide show what is on the schedule? It makes it impossible to set a programme to record as you cant see what is on and when.:smileysad:

Any clues as to how to get the listings??

Community Manager
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Thank you for the feedback.


The problem is currently being clarified with the technicians.
I'll give you feedback, as soon as the problem is solved.

liebe Grüsse ThomasS
Community Manager
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Thanks for your patience.
We're in contact with the concerning departments within Swisscom.
We located the problem and we're about to solve and fix it.We apologise to inform you that we need more time as calculated to get your personal solution. It's going to take while to be solved definitely. At least in September we set a new tv box update, so therefore it should be solved automatically. We hope to find another solution which doesn't take that long. Please check regularly your box setting to have the latest news.
liebe Grüsse ThomasS
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I think that the problem has sorted itself out - I can get the guide up without any problem.

If you are still having issues, move ITV HD next to ITV in the channel listings, and you will exactly what is airing


Not sophisticated, but does the job

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the problem unsorted itself out

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Yes, agree - TV guide has not been functioning for over a month now on ITV 1HD.....

Swisscom, any suggestions?