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IPAD2 - iOS 5.01: Can't Manage Mobile Data Account

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Well the title says it all...  I got the Data Easy option about a week ago and so far I have been unable to setup or view my account details on the IPad.  I can use the chip fine to browse the internet, send emails and so on, but when I go to the Mobile Data option and select "View Account" I just get a popup message which suggests that I do a reset of all settings, which I have done a few times and no luck, I still get the same message after the reset.


Any hints of what to do next???



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someone in the french forum has exactly the same issue.


verify this:


settings --> general --> network --> cellular data network


what do you have there?

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Indeed having the same problem.  It was working well before the update, but since then, just getting the same message you are referring to.  I also tried a few times the reset, but to not avail.  The only thing I can now do with this connecting is load the account, through their web site, and use it at the very expensive rate outside the data plans.  Nobody at the shop I visited had a clue about this and they were useless.  Fortunately when i travel abroad, which I do a lot, I can use other accounts.  A real PITA.

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