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How to add an external router to swisscom network?

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I'm trying to add in an external router, but the swisscom network is designed to make it complex and they want to flog their own stuff.  Has anyone any experience of introducing a NetGear or other external router/ switch into their network?  could you please give some tips, thanks!

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why would you like to add a separate router?

Do you really need multiple networks / vlans?


Adding a repeater or a switch is plug and play.

Adding a router is possible --> you need to update the routing table in the Swisscom Internet Box GUI

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I have the same question. I want to use the router I already own (Netgear Nighthawk) as a repeater, rather than buy something that plugs into an outlet at floor level (my dog might chew the plug and play devices that I have seen). I can mount the Nighthawk higher. 

The answer about updating the GUI was to obscure for me to follow. Can you give more guidance?


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