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How can I suppress on my home IP Phone COMBOX message alert signal (i.e. call back my home phone)

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I just configured COMBOX on my home fixed IP Phone.  All working well.


How can I suppress the Message alert signal on my phone (i.e. COMBOX calling back as soon as a message is available?).  The options is documented in the manula under settings, Main Key 6, but it does not seem to be activated anymore so I cannot access it through COMBOX or the Customer SIte.



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Hello georg,


Do you mean how to cancel the SMS message alert sent on your mobile phone when a new message is received on your IP Phone ?


Thank you

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No, I mean the fact that if I let a call go to COMBOX (i.e. do not answer the phone), as soon as the message is left the COMBOX makes a PHONE call to my home.  I do not need or want that.


I know how to enable or cancel the SMS on my Customer space.  I just did that and enabled the SMS quite useful.


What I am trying to do is decsribed in the Swisscom manual "Brief instructions COMBOX® basic and pro for fixed network and mobile" a PDF you can find on your web site.  It decsribes how to configure COMBOX by dialing into it (not all options avilable on Web) Page 9, COMBOX Settings, Main Key Functions, Key 6 "Message alert signal on your telephone".  I am pretty sure that's the option I want to switch off. But when I connect and go to settings and key 6 it tells me that option is not available!!


Many many thanks in advance for all your help! Much appreciated!

Kindest Regards




The pointer to the swisscom PDF




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Any news how to make this work?  I find this call back really useless and annoying...

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Dear georg,


Sorry for my late reply.


This is correct, every time you got a message on your fixed Combox, you receive a call on your landline.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch it off. 


The workaround is to set the Combox recall number to the blacklist directly in your Customer Center: IP telephony > Call barring > Compile blacklist.


Hope it helps.



Un like fait toujours plaisir 😉 Une réponse t'a aidé? -> Accepte-la comme solution!
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OK thanks, not ideal but acceptable, many thanks for your follow-up. Much appreciated!
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It actually turns out that COMBOX does not only callback right after the message is left (which is redundant but not particularly annoying, if one knows it) but also one hour later!


I am trying the suggested workaround. It is surprising that this cannot be configured.



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