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High Packet Loss

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Hello Swisscom,


I have an issue regarding very high Packet Loss.


Usually, I have a small amount of Packet Loss and ping, however recently I have been getting much more of it. The issue started a couple of days ago, when my constant Packet Loss of 0% turned into a Packet Loss of around 10%-30%.  

Why is this happening?  


P.S. Pictures below for reference. 


Swisscom 1.PNG


Swisscom 2.PNG


Swisscom 3.PNG


Swisscom 4.PNG


Swisscom 5.PNG




Thank you

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I would also like to mention that I have a Wireless connection and an "Internet-Box standard".

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Hello @Olek

Sorry you are experiencing slowness. Could you please perform a speed test again on Make sure that your computer is wired to your router and that all programs are closed and all other devices are disconnected.

This way, we should be able to identify if the problem comes from the line or the WiFi.

Thank you,

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