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Facebook can't connect

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Facebook doesn't work on mobile connection (says no connection).

Facebook works on WiFi, and other apps/web work on mobile internet.

Only Facebook doesn't work on mobile internet, as far as I can tell.


Any help?

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Enjoy your freedom and never be a slave of Facebook again :smileywink: JK


Are you using the Facebook App or the mobile browser? iOS, Android Windowsphone?


Here some tipps:

- Turn off and on your device (helps in 99%).

- Make sure that in your phone settings the "use of mobile data" is activated for the Facebook App (settings depend on your device's OperatingSystem)

- Try to un- and re-install the App



veni vidi vici
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I have the same problem since many days, on mobile network Facebook is not working, on Wifi is working perfectly.

Other apps like Instagram or Twitter works correctly.

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No luck with reboot.
Maybe some network problem towards Facebook infrastructure.

Device: Google Nexus 5
App: Facebook
OS: Android 6.0
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Just downloaded the App on my iPhone. Facebook is working on WLAN, 4G and on 3G.


So maybe it is the Facebook App on Android which will not work?!

veni vidi vici
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It could be ... is still weird that on WIFI it work straigthforward while on 3G/4G it can't connect.

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