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DSL speed very slow in new build

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Hi all. We recently moved to our newly-built house and are experiencing very slow DSL speeds; getting only 5-10 Mbps instead of the max 70Mbps available in my village. I thought it was initially a problem with the cabelling I'd done myself, but even when the Internet box is connected to the DSL line with the supplied cable (via a patch panel I'd punced-down myself), the speedtest on the box itself only reads < 10Mbps. If the cable hadn't been punched down properly, I'd be getting nothing at all, correct?

My network is as follows: patch panel, Swisscom Internet box and gigabit switch in the cellar where the line comes in, then via the patch panel to the living room where I have a Netgear router connected to my TV 2.0 box. TV is virtually impossible to watch; I can access the TV guide, but it says there is no channel being broadcast, yet I can watch in playback or recorded programmes, albeit very stuttered. However, I can watch Swisscom TV over the internet on another PC or via the app on my iPad. Is there anything I can do before calling out Swisscom or an electrician?

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Did you try to connect the router directly to the incomming line and then test with a directly to the router connected laptop?
This way you can be sure that it is not your installation.
What does the swisscom line check say about the possible speed:

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Thanks for replying. I don't actually have a laptop with an ethernet connector, but I can bring my work machine home and try that. Both my desktop PC in the office and Mac-mini in the living room display speeds of anything between 5-15 Mbps.


Fibre-optic isn't available in my village and I've no idea when, if ever, it will be.

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The checker also shows max. possible speeds for the location.
So if there is written 15Mbps, you can stop searching for any errors...
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Ah yes, I see now. The max speed available in my village is 70 Mbps. My friend who built next door gets 65-70 Mbps.
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Connected a laptop to the router and still only getting <10 Mbps. Think it's time to give Swisscom a call.