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Complaint - client number 84247252

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I just called your 0800 800800, which is I believe supposed to be a client support line.


On my understanding, a client support line use is help clients and to find a solution that fits both (the client and the seller).


I called your line, because I want to end my teleclub cinema with immediate effect. Not my Swisscom tv but only this extra, that costs me 29.90chf a month. On the other hand I wanted to change my mobile contact from prepaid to a Monthly subscription.


You know, the person that answered my call at 09.53 didn’t even care about what I wanted to take out of my contract and what I wanted to add.


The person I spoke to, didn’t show the slightest degree of flexibility. He just told me that I cannot finish the teleclub before May 2015 and that I need to pay until then. He told me that that is what is in the contract and asked me if I could read.

I could not believe what I was hearing, but it even got worst when before hanging up he says scheiße.


I find this kind of treatment extremely impolite and insulting. It is inadmissible. I do not know what type of person I spoke to but I’m sure that that person should not talk to customers at all.


You know, I may not be swiss, I may not speak german fluently but I’m not even close illiterate. No one has the right to treat others with arrogance as your employee did, he is no one to believe that he is better or smarter than other people. No one is.


I hope you do something about it, given that this is the type of attitude that can make you lose clients.


What I want is to get rid of the telecub cinema now and to make a subscription for my mobile. All in all Swisscom gets to win since my fixed payment increases.


I hope you are able to find a solution.



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Hi mgtdac


I regret the experience you've made with Swisscom Support.


But this is a customer helps customer community, so that means you can ask other Swisscom customers for advice concerning Swisscom products.


I don't think any other customer could help with your concern, so I would recommend to contact Swisscom directly and ask for the cancellation date. 


You'll find the contact details here:


BTW: Changing a prepaid to a contract is only possible in a Swisscom store.



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