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Any way to change new Swisscom Box with modern router ?

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Hi everyone,


You can find a TLDR; at the end of this post 🙂


I post here in English so that I can reach both french speaking and german speaking people (and I wanted to ask this question to @Tux0ne too, but my German is weak).


My goal is to change the Swisscom Box with another device (more likely multiple devices) so that I keep the same functionalities but with a far better router (w/ new technologies, more options, more control, ...) and better wifi range and speeds. Also it can be a little bit more safer (at least I think so) because now Swisscom can really come and do what they want with our "private" home connection by having partial/full control over the router. I have a VDSL connection (not fiber).


At first, I naively wanted to buy the Netgear D7800 and simply swap the Swisscom Box. Then I simply connected everything back and moved the phone from the swisscom box to the old splitters.


Because I was told the D7800 would not be taken back at the store, I first called Swisscom for help and of course they absolutely didn't know or understand what I wanted, but after insisting, one of my speaker's colleague told him they couldn't help me with settings of another modem+router. And of course, they can't garantuee it will work.


So I had to find everything by my own. I was helped by my friend @Soldier9945 and that's what I know for now :


  • My connection is now ALL IP due to Swisscom TV 2.0 (that's what I found at least) so I can't use old splitter like before to get the phone fixed network to work without the new Swisscom Box. So if I can have a third party router to work, I still have to find a way to connect my phone somehow because most modem+routers combo don't deal with phones. 
  • In order for the internet to work, the modem (if not bridging) or the router (if the modem is bridging) must have the DHCP option 60 to send a vendor ID, otherwise you don't get a valid public IP and you don't have internet. Sadly, most third party routers or modem+routers I found don't have that. There is a way with some ASUS routers because you can't install Merlin firmware and "hack" the DHCP 60. But you are stuck if you wan't a netgear or another brand... I have been able to test that with a Zyxel 870HN and it works in non-bridge mode with the DHCP option 60 activated with the right vendor ID. If bridging the 870HN, this task goes to the router and that's a problem.
  • The goal is to keep the Swisscom TV working, so you need IGMP multicast enabled and that's ok at least with most routers, but I don't know if something else is required to have it work properly (VLANIDs?).
  • In modern modem+routers, you have some options for VDSL2 with VLANID and priorities for Internet and IPTV and I don't know if you need that to be actived and configured. If so, you must know these parameters (you can find an example with the manual of the D7800, page 61 or another example here).

Well, the least I can say is that if you don't want the new Swisscom Box, you are screwed. Of course, you can add tons of devices and hack stuff, but there is no single elegant and (more or less) simple solution.


I know that with a modem in bridge mode (centro piccolo w/ old firmware or Zyxel 870HN) and a ASUS router sporting a Merlin firmware w/ DHCP option 60, you can achieve a working internet connection. The problem is 1) that it doesn't solve the phone fixed network problem 2) don't know if Swisscom TV works and 3) I would prefer a single modem+router combo.


Sadly, I'm no networking pro (even if I know well computer sciences) so it's not that easy to solve. When you think about it, the initial statement seems so simple : changing the Swisscom Box by something else (that is better).


Maybe noone has a simple (or even a complex) answer, but if we can turn this post in a collaborative talk about how to solve this problem elegantly and why not simply (so that anyone can enjoy it even without advanced technical knownledge), maybe it could help a lot of people that in the future want to use their existing router or have too many problems with the Swisscom Box, ...


TLDR : I want to change the Swisscom Box so that I have a modem+router with better wifi, new technologies (like MU-MIMO), more options, more control, the Swisscom TV still working and a fixed network phone that keeps working knowing that now it is IP fixed network (so you can't use the old splitters anymore...). I don't want to simply add a new router because I don't want to deal with double NAT. If you don't have an answer, maybe we can find a solution by turning this post into a collaborative talk between people knowing that kind of stuff.


Thanks !


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I just found out that I misread the Netgear D7800 manual and this modem+router has indead the DHCP option 60. This is nice ! 


I wish ASUS added to their new firmwares too.... Now the last problem is how to have my landline phone working.


EDIT : I found out this this french post, that you could add a Cisco SPA112 to the router, but then Swisscom refuses to help you configuring it, well done Swisscom ...

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Hi there! I believe I am in the same problem as you are. So if I understand correctly from what you wrote, you can not simply replace the Swisscom Box ( I have the centro grande) and plug it into the Analog/VDSL Splitter and have it work? I too was looking at getting a Netgear or Asus Wireless Router/Modem to increase the WiFi range and also have access to more settings. And from what you wrote, the telephone and Swisscom TV would not work if I replace the Swisscom Centro Grande?


Edit: Actually I have realized that the telephone line (from the wall) is still, actually linked directly to the landline telephone and not to the Router itself, does this mean I will not have telephony problems with a new router?

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Well, you can do it but it's hard. You need :


  • A modem that can work as bridge (like Swisscom Centro Piccolo or Zyxel P870HN)
  • A router that can handle DHCP option 60, with value for that being "100008,0001,Zyxel" or "100008,0001,Cisco" or "100008,0001,Asus" etc ... (you have to enter it in a configuration text in router interface)



  • a modem-router combo that handles DHCP option 60 with value to configure same as above (100008,0001,something) --> one compatible is Netgear D7800

AND (if you want/have VoIP phone)


  • VoIP converter like Cisco SPA112
  • your VoIP login (that Swisscom won't probably give you but you can find how to get them *cough*Tux0ne*cough*)


You know that you have VoIP phone if you cannot plug your phone to the splitter anymore. If you have to plug it to your swisscom modem/router, you already have VoIP phone with your contract. If your phone still works only with the splitter, it means you still (luckily) have analog phone. But I would't count on Swisscom letting that go for long. VoIP phone costs far less to maintain and uses existing IP network.



For the Swisscom TV stuff, I cannot guarantee it will work, but it should. At least check the router handles IGMP proxying to be sure and that you can configure VLANs. If it doesn't work you will have to enable IGMP proxy and maybe have to specify some VLAN ID 10 for the TV (check manual of popular router to see what I'm saying).


One another solution is to simply use wifi range extender, which is Swisscom exactly want you to do so you run to their shop and buy from them these overpriced extenders. You can also get better ones from Netgear, ASUS, ... but still it's not what we want here ...


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I understand. Swisscom wants you to buy/use Swisscom products, that's a shame. I too was looking at the Netgear Nighthawk line or the Asus AC line. I simply wanted to buy a new router to just plug in and use without hiccups, but that's too much to ask for. I will continue doing my own research into this matter and see if I can come up with a solution to share. Do you happen to know the keywords and phrases when looking at modem/routers to know if they too can act as a bridge on the Swisscom line?

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I am changing ISP right now. New modem/router will be a fritzbox, so I plan to take measure of wifi power in my house and then measure again with new router from other ISP.


I will probably publish it somewhere on the web, like my blog or popular forums. Maybe I'll put my results here except if Swisscom applies censorship.

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Please inform when you do with a link or something. I unfortunetly have to commit to Swisscom and it looks like I will have to order their new "Internet Box" for 100CHF.

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I haven't done it completely, but from what I see with 2-3 tests, it's like the same coverage, slightly less good dbM power and nearly identical speeds for my 30 Mbps line.


But basically, no ISP provided device will change your life unless you go for very good WIFI router like new AC1900 or AC2600 generation. 


Currently, I'm battling to have my D7800 from Netgear work with my VoIP landline phone. Can't compare yet.