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Incremental Up/Down Load, Smart Sync when moving folders, speed and a bug

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Hi there,


first of all congratulation to Swisscom for myCloud, I believe it's a great service for its customers.


I have 3 questions and what I believe a bug to report, all concerning usage on Windows 10, myCloud Desktop app:


1) Incremental Upload/Download (like Dropbox does). Will this be implemented? If yes when?


2) When I move files and/or folders from one location to another, myCloud is deleting the files from the old location and re-uploading them from the new folder path. If the these files/folders moved are very big, the sync will take very long time. As matter of fact it is as having to upload those files from the scratch (and on the other machines having to download them). Are you considering to implement a smarter way, such as just changing the path of those files in the server as well (as any OS does when you move files within the same drive partition)?


3) I have 1 Gbps over fiber. Effective tested speed ca. 950 Mbps to the network and 680 Mbps between the desktop and the Swisscom Internet Box (and the desktop it's a gaming Bus/HD/etc...ultra fast). But I can see myCloud clearly throttling at 64 Mbps (checked with Windows Resourse monitor) .
How comes? Is there a way to make it performe faster?


4) Bug: sometimes when I do erase one or more files during its sync process (upload), myCloud app get stuck and keep trying forever to upload the file. Basically it does not realize that the file being uploded doesn't exist anymore. Even if I restart the indexing. The work around is restoring the file, let myCloud finishing to upload and only after erase the file.


Thanks for a feed back!


Kind Regards,



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Hello @Ben74


Thank you for using myCloud!


I invite you to send your precious feedback and suggestions to the myCloud Team directly through this form.


Thanks a bunch

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Thanks Layla,


already done 2 days ago...but no answer so far.


Kind Regards,



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