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huge data volume with tethering

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After connecting my S10+ by USB 2 to a W10 computer with USB  tethering on to download an email, I received within 2..3 min. a SMS from cockpit, that I have used up 90% of my 3GB and shortly after a SMS that 100% is used. The SMS time stamps are 1 min. different.
On the phone the total mobile data usage was given as 177MB and for Mobile Hotspot and Tethering 139MB. Checking the Swisscom Hotline was useless ("the data are used and basta") and the Samsung Hotline indicated a difference between the phone and provider measurements within a few percent are normal, but could not think of such a difference..
I would be grateful of a hint! 

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In fact, it is always possible that not all data sent by the provider to a user actually arrives - but that is usually only a few megabytes for several gigabytes.

However, you should always keep in mind that even attempting to download an email starts several processes in the background:
- Check for new messages,
- Synchronizing the mailbox
- Loading the design and functional elements for the view
- Synchronization of contacts and calendar
- Loading the effective mail
- Load any other mail with attachments


In addition, your mobile device starts various processes in the background, which are automatic and invisible:
- Synchronization of contacts
- Synchronization of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp
- Check for updates
- Loading updates
- News apps that load new news
- time synchronization

If you look at some of the above points, several gigabytes can already come together - unless they have blocked background updates and other updates or only activated in the WLAN.

Experience shows that the data consumption records are usually incorrect or accurate. If necessary, try the next example with the data saver app from Google - there the complete connection is routed via a VPN-like service, which logs the consumption exactly.


If you still don't agree that your data volume is empty, you can still call support and ask the complaints department. They may be able to help you or connect you to the specialists.


Yours sincerely,

Freundliche Grüsse, Dominik
Cordial salids, Dominik
Cordialement, Dominik
Cordiali saluti, Dominik

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