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Visual Voicemail is now also available on Android smartphones

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Do you still call your COMBOX® the old-fashioned way by ringing the COMBOX number? That’s probably because you have an Android-based mobile. Visual Voicemail (VVM) has been available on all iPhones for some time. And now Android devices can get in on the act.


With VVM, your COMBOX® missed-call messages are displayed directly on your smartphone. You can listen to them there and then, without the need to call the COMBOX® number and listen to the greeting. Please note that VVM requires mobile data. If data roaming is activated, you may incur costs while travelling.


Switching VVM on and off: how it works


What do you think of the new function for querying your COMBOX®? We are happy about every comment.

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My VVM simply cannot retrieve the messages. I can see the list of messages, the system tries to retrieve them and after about a minute I get the message "cannot retrieve messages"

Black Mamba
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Please note that VVM requires mobile data -> 3G, 4G or 5G

If data roaming is enabled, you may be charged charges while you travel

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Hello @Wintaugack10 


Were you able to check your messages in the meantime ?


If not, you can contact our customer support here


Have a good day

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